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Aerial tours and Scenic flights from your local airport

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Downtown sightseeing? Seeing your house? High altitude flying? Just for fun? Birthday present? Any occasion present!
Fly and take pictures, with no low-wing obstructing your view, while discovering your local area in a new exciting way!
Your very own VIP flight with no TSA security check or boarding lines.

We are based at Chicago Executive Airport (PWK) for convenient access to downtown Chicago. We can also fly to the closest airport to you. Inquire for anywhere else in the country. Our pilot is commercially-rated and has completed the EAA's Young Protection Policy.
Height and weight restrictions apply.

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Adventure packages Flat rates per flight
1 adult +
1-2 kids
Ground tour of the airport in the plane
For those afraid of flying, you'll have an educational experience of the airport while staying on the ground
1 lap in the air around the airport
Experience flight in-the-pattern while in view of your friends/family
1/2-hour flight
Down the lakefront to Wrigley field and back inland over the city
1-hour flight
Down the lakefront to downtown, couple of laps and back over the city
2-hour flight
The city, downtown, and surrounded suburbs, plus a touch-n-go at another airport
Approach the city from 1 mile high
Climb to 5280 ft and descent to downtown along the lakeshore
Approach the city from 2 miles high
Climb to 10,000+ ft and enjoy a refreshment while descending along the lakeshore towards downtown
Downtown tour from O'Hare airport
for the real AVgeek, takeoff / taxiing / landing with the big boys
Fly to you, and fly you around your area
Don't want to visit Chicago? Tell your friends the Batman Plane is visiting your city
Batman Plane t-shirt $30
All flight packages are route customizable.
Some restrictions apply.


Follow/Contact us on social media:
Instagram @Batman_Plane
Facebook @BatmanPlane



Flights are up to 25 miles anywhere around the departing airport and returning to the same airport, per 14 CFR ยง 91.147

Downtown tours also available from O'Hare and Midway airports, for an unparalleled international airport front-seat experience. Extra fees apply and might exceed 1 hour. Recommended for the true aviation enthusiast.

Let us know if this list does not include your closest or preferred airport.
Private airports and/or grass fields may need permission.

Landing/Ramp fees are extra for the following:

ORD - O'Hare International, Chicago
MDW - Midway Intenational, Chicago
UGN - Waukegan National, Waukegan